Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera – Candidate for Congress / District 27

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera has worked tirelessly to tackle South Florida’s most difficult challenges for over four decades in the public and private sector. As an educator in Miami Dade College and the University of Miami she created the first leadership certificate programs for the community at large and for women. As a community activist Bettina supporting civil and human rights for oppressed nations, as the first economic developer for Doral she positioned it as the #1 in small business start-ups for the state of Florida and as Vice Mayor she cut taxes, reduced red-tape, proposed and passed laws that closed down human trafficking centers and as an entrepreneur she started her consulting firm, training businesses and countries around the globe.

Bettina was born in Cuba and at a young age her family sought refuge in America, her father stayed behind and was later jailed as a Cuban political prisoner, she was not able to reunite with him until she was 17. This led her to understand up-close the hardships of working families and to fight for human rights and protect our country’s freedom. In 1988 Jorge Mas Canosa, president of the Cuban American National Foundation selected her to be the coordinator of the Commission of Human Rights. Rodriguez Aguilera coordinated over 5,500 testimonial of human rights and presented them, with the commission, to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. As a result, the United Nations condemned Cuba and 600 political prisoners were released. She has since supported similar programs for Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti and China. Bettina has been a lifelong Republican since she was 18.

She grew up in district 27 since she was 7 years old, attending the public school system from Citrus Grove, to Miami High, Miami Dade and FIU receiving degrees in Psychology and Social Work all while working full time and raising a family as a single mom. She later attended U of M were she obtained certificates in Budget and Financial Management and a fellowship from NHLI in Leadership from Harvard.
Rodriguez Aguilera started her career in the public sector as a social worker for Miami-Dade County, and later as an Ombudsman at the County Manager’s office. She eventually parlayed that government experience into a successful private business, where she assisted over 800 small businesses in South Florida navigate through the system as start-ups and trained over 30 countries in leadership, democratization and women’s rights.

Bettina has always been an advocate for small businesses, women in business, and most importantly for human rights. Her ability to communicate with people from all walks of life has taken her across the globe to Albania where she spent 3 months on an Advocacy-Democracy mission (in cooperation with USAID- the United States Agency for International Development and assisted NGO’s in passing the first laws against domestic violence and protecting women. As well as Tunisia training the women of Libya on how to run for office and develop a leadership program.
Bettina is a person of action, always finding solutions and putting People Above Politics. Bettina is focusing on Jobs and the Economy, National Security, Healthcare, Immigration Reform, and the preservation of ALL of our Constitutional Rights as well as the rights of the unborn.

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera has a –Working Class Agenda- with proposed solutions that include:
• Reforming the Fair Credit Act, to change the credit score system.
• Lowering student loan payments, to make it more affordable.
• Reducing and eliminating tolls and creating a sensible traffic blueprint.
• Creating a hardship rental insurance to reduce homelessness ( not a government program)
• Incrementing workforce and affordable housing for teachers, police, veterans and seniors.
• Informing and enhancing vocational training to increase job potential.
• Cutting taxes and red tape that paralysis progress.

A Miami Herald editorial described Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera as “A Career of Passing Along her Experience”. Bettina has created jobs, supporting our country, fought for human rights throughout the globe and tackled our community’s most difficult issue. Finding solutions for over four decades. She has been raised in the district and understands our issues. She is prepared and ready to be the next congresswoman for district 27.