Here are the Miami Herald recommendations for the Aug. 28 primary

By The Miami Herald Editorial Board

Early voting in the Aug. 28 primary starts Monday. We are publishing our recommendations as a simple list so voters have something to take with them to the polls. Starting Monday, we will do a deeper dive into how we reached our conclusions, beginning with the race for governor.

As the Editorial Board does every election year, its members interviewed the majority of candidates that Miami-Dade voters will see on the ballot. Most were willing to talk with us, others never responded to our invitation. Some couldn’t be reached, others told us something akin to, “Go jump in the lake.”

It’s a long process, sometimes arduous. But, ultimately, it is always rewarding to see so many people plunge into the democratic process to put forth their vision of a better Miami-Dade County, a more rigorous School Board, a more equitable Florida, a more representative America.

Our recommendations are presented as registered Republicans and Democrats will see the races on their individual district ballots. Everyone gets to vote in the nonpartisan races and in those in which there is no general-election challenger from another party. The winner of the primary election snags the seat.


Rick Scott

District 23: Carlos J. Reyes
District 26: Carlos Curbelo
District 27: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera

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