Coral Gables, Florida (May 7, 2018) Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera has now qualified, and is officially a candidate for Florida’s Congressional District 27 race this November. The highly contested seat, currently held by the honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, with a primary in August now includes 8 GOP candidates. But there is only one qualified candidate in that race with a proven track record at the local and even International level, and that is Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera.
“I am thankful to the community and businesses that have supported me throughout the years. I plan to present proposals this week to continue to strengthen our economy and protect our constitution,” commented Bettina promise to work hard to always put People Above Politics”.
Rodriguez Aguilera started her career in the public sector as a social worker for Miami-Dade County where she learned to navigate at all levels of government after major financial cut backs left her 30 plus member department with only three employees. She eventually parlayed that government experience into a successful private business, where she assisted over 800 small businesses in South Florida navigate through the system as start-ups.
In 2008 Rodriguez Aguilera was the first economic developer for the City of Doral, putting her business and government know-how to help grow jobs and strengthen the local Doral government. She developed the business plan for Doral that was instrumental in the current economic boom, attracting thousands of businesses into that area and making it the #1 fastest growing City in Florida and #2 in the US. As Vice-Mayor of Doral, Rodriguez Aguilera passed laws that lead to the closing of two human trafficking centers in the City.
Bettina has always been an advocate for small businesses, women in business, and most importantly for human rights. Her ability to “cut through the red tape” in government even took her across the globe to Albania where she spent 3 months on an Advocacy-Democracy mission (in cooperation with USAID- The United States Agency for International Development). While there Bettina helped to pass the first 17 laws following the fall of the 50-year dictatorship in that country. Bettina helped and trained lay people, lawyers, journalist and even elected officials who later hosted their first Press conference in over 50 years in Albania, and passed the first laws against domestic violence and protecting women.
Locally Bettina established the first Leadership Certificate Program at the University of Miami, and the Women’s Institute for Miami Dade College in 2015, and all while raising two children as a single mother. Today Bettina enjoys being a grandmother and continuing her advocacy work for small businesses and women across the globe. Her programs continue to embolden women, demanding their own rights and even establishing businesses around the world. When Bettina makes a statement advocating for women, she truly means ALL women.
The Bettina For Congress campaign is about putting People Above Politics. The campaign is focused on proposing solutions and focusing on Healthcare, Jobs and the Economy, Immigration Reform, National Security and the preservation of ALL of our Constitutional Rights. For more information on Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera and details on her top 5 platform issues, please visit www.bettinaforcongress.comor email[email protected].